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From July 2010 to December 2014 we ran OZLAND PICTURE STORIES as described below. Sadly though the number of writers reduced over the years and we decided to call it a day. We leave these as a record of the good times we had.

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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Dark Shadows The Umbrella Killer...All Directions by Destiny Anwyl Mowadeng

A voice from what felt like inside a dream said Its A Girl and i opened my eyes. I glanced around the room and saw a doctor standing at the end of my bed but was shocked by what I saw standing next to him. It was me...but...How was that even possible ? I looked to the side of the bed and Caleb was holding my hand with one hand and had his face buried with the other. I tried my hardest too squeezes my sons hand but he just sat there as if not to feel me. I remember being home on my beloved island of Mowadeng the night of the storm and it being one night of the year our underworld opened up but then things got a little foggy.

Suddenly the vision of myself from the bottom of the bed begun to speak so I listened closely too see if anything would help me figure out where I was or even who i was. Doctor the voice said softly none of this makes sense to me. Stay calm the doctor said softly we will get it sorted out. I tried to sit up too see if anyone would notice my motions but nothing happened. What was going on I had no memory of how I got here or why nobody could see me nor why I was sitting at the bottom of the bed and in it at the same time. A Social Worker knocked and came in. Miss Mowadeng she said and me outside my body replied Yes.
The conversation continued for several minutes before ending but by the time it had things were beginning too make sense.

I learned from what I heard that I as I recalled was attacked by a man on my beloved Island causing me to travel to a land beyond this world to another place where my daughter Lilian was living. I later ended up in the hospital in a coma for many months and split into two different people leading my daughter to find out the story that she was to young at the time to remember happening to us and lucky for her she had little or no effects from it until now. The little girl I had split into was indeed a very real being but with a troubled past that my daughter grew very fond of and wished too keep in her life. The social worker had come to report that they had found the child wandering but where was Lilian ? I told the Social Worker that Caleb would go to make a phone call to her so she would come shortly and the social worker agreed to return.

The hours seem too pass quickly though still nobody realized that I was with present with them. The time was no 3 P.M. and Lilian arrived with an excited look on her face. I was pleased to see this and it made me very happy. Mom she said in a quiet voice and looked at me...I looked back...We get to keep her and take her home. I smiles and hugged my daughter whispering Its great hunny. A few moments passed and the Social Worker returned with the other half of me and I ran into the room straight for my daughters arms and uttered with tears in my eyes Mama. I drifted back into a deep sleep as if to vanish from there lives forever wondering what my daughter would learn about my life next.

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