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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

"What do tortoise eat?" by Marita Decosta

"What do tortoise eat?" by Marita Decosta

The tortoise showed up one day in the front yard. I called it a box turtle but my son reminded me it was a tortoise not a turtle there was a big difference Turtles were water born and tortoise were land animals which was a big difference. I remembered the little box turtles I had as pets, I was given as pets and the little plastic tub buckets they were contained in with the little plastic palm tree that was in it it and feeding them dried mosquitoes watching them eat but very soon they died just like gold fish.

I remembered watching the fishermen dragging the sea turtles across the docks on the backs of their shells by a hook through a flipper and they were still alive and struggling to somehow survive still knowing they were about to die eaten alive just a bloody empty turtle shell remaining and I ate sea turtle steak.

Now a tortoise shows up in the front yard and I feel a debt to feed it instead of eat it but it refuses just scuttles about long snake looking head neck held high pretending it is struggling to survive but knowing it's about to die and I bring it the very best food that science says tortoise should eat but it does not eat and scurries away still looking for something else.

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