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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

"The Road to the Dome" Part 3 by Llola Lane

"The Road to the Dome" Part 3 by Llola Lane

Walking back to the dome I couldn't shake the feeling that IT didn't want me to see it. I had helped two people and I knew they were more important than a silly dome. But this was becoming a game for me. Would I see it today or not? The dome area was strangely quiet. The sun was setting in the sky. As I walked up to the doors I noticed the sign. "CLOSED"

That dome had done it to me again. This was the second day I missed seeing the inside. I only hoped that tomorrow would be my lucky day. I turned around and headed back to my car to get some dinner before making my way back to the hotel. I ate my dinner in silence and went to bed.

The next morning I awoke early. I was too excited to sleep. I wanted to get to the dome before it opened, that way I'd be sure to be the first one in the door. I ate some breakfast and stuffed an apple in my camera case for later. As I made my way to the lobby doors, I noticed it was raining and I didn't have my umbrella. The doorman gave me his to use. Every one of the hotel workers knew of my adventures the last few days. It is hard to keep those sorts of things a secret in a small little hotel.

My feet splashed and splopped in the puddles on the way to the dome. This was my last day to see it before I was to head home. The anticipation in me grew as it had done yesterday. Somehow, today I knew I would get in. As I got closer to the dome the wind began to howl and blow harder. It pushed me away from the dome. I had a hard time keeping the umbrella in my hands. The road to the dome seemed longer today. The rain made it look so far away.

A large man in a suit bumped into me. He yelled he was sorry, but before I knew it, his leg tripped mine and we were both on the ground. He fell on his umbrella and it broke in half. His suit was getting wetter by the moment. My umbrella was none the worse for the wear and still keeping most of me dry. He explained that he had an important meeting today and he was mad he would not be looking his best now. He fiddled to straighten his umbrella but it was useless. The rain was soaking him and ruining his suit. I held my umbrella close to him as I helped him up.

Without a thought I gave him my umbrella. I would pay the doorman for it later. The man smiled and thanked me then continued on his way. I didn't even bother to watch him walk away as I turned my attention back to the dome.

I was getting soaked to the bone. I didn't have a raincoat. I ran for the front of the dome. As I ran the rain began to stop, and suddenly, as I reached the front steps it stopped all together and the sun came out. I was also now aware of the two familiar forms on the steps ahead of me. It was the two women again. I had seen them each day I had been here to the dome. It was still early and I was a little surprised to see them here.

"Good morning ladies," I said to them. They smiled at me and nodded. They were blocking my way to the dome and they didn't even make a move to step aside.

"Today is my day to see the dome," I said as a hint, but they did not move.

"We know it is," said the old woman. Her younger companion nodded in agreement. "We are here to help you get in."

"What a strange thing to say," I thought to myself. I didn't need help. I was very capable of walking the steps myself. I tried to push past them but they would not budge from blocking my path.

"I have been trying for three days to get in, but something always stops me." I looked at the old woman.

"We know... we have been helping you," said the young woman. "Now is your time. You have proven your worthiness these last three days." And with that... a light shown on her so bright she looked white... and wings grew from her back. The old woman too turned white and now had wings. And then I noticed a crowd was beginning to gather. The little boy I helped three days ago was all in white and now had wings, as did his parents. The Sargent from the police department... The nurse I had talked to in the hospital yesterday... the doorman from the hotel... the man with the suit from today... all where in white and had wings. There were others too, familiar faces... my grandparents, who have been long since been gone from this world for years. My childhood cat Muffy came running up to me with tiny wings too.

Tears began to form in my eyes as I now remembered... I had been in a hospital. My family was around me. They were crying. I think I was old. I didn't want to leave them but I knew I had to. I was fighting the sleepiness in me. I did not want to miss any of their birthdays... graduations... weddings... grandchildren, but I knew it was my time.

I looked at the crowd around me. They were all smiling at me. Welcoming me. Muffy jumped into my arms and I gave her a kiss on her furry little forehead. Everyone spread apart to form an aisle to the dome entrance. I moved towards the entrance. The golden gates to the dome opened and I knew I was home... I... was in HEAVEN!

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