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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

" Belle-n-Boots " by Llola Lane PART 1

" Belle-n-Boots " by Llola Lane PART 1

"En-guard," said the cat to the lady. "Give me the book or your life you will forfit."

The lady turned stunned. "Who said that.. erm.. book???" She suddenly realized she had picked up a book without even knowing it. Why this book? She turned to the voice. A cat with a feather hat stood on top of a pile of books pointing a sword at her. "A cat?? Talked??" She HAD to be hearing things.

She looked at the cat. It did not move. It was a statue but she was sure she had heard something. She turned to walk away. She glanced down at the book she was holding.

"En-guard I say," the voice spoke again. Now... she knew she wasn't hearing things. She turned to the cat again. This time it blinked. She rubbed her eyes not sure if she saw what she actually saw.

"Did you say something to me?" She found herself saying to the cat. The cat blinked again. "I said hand over the book," he pointed his sword at her. "This book" she asked? "Why is it so special." "Never mind that... It's MY book," said the cat with a growl.

She looked at the book. 'The Cat-in-the-Hat' was written on the cover of the book. "This is a Dr. Suess book," she said to the cat.

"Is that what you see," asked the cat? She nodded YES. The cat smiled at her. "What is your name," the cat asked sternly?

"My name is Belle," said the lady. "Who are you?"

"They call me Boots," said the cat.

"I can see why," Belle said looking down at the boots on the cat. "They ARE lovely boots." The cat put down his sword. He had no intention of hurting the girl anyway. It was just a threat to have her give up the book... which she STILL hadn't handed over. He needed a new strategy. "Enough about my boots... I have many books... I will trade that one you are holding for one of these I am standing on." He wasn't sure this new strategy would work.

"What is so special about THIS book," she asked? "Do you like Dr. Suess?"

The cat sighed. The new strategy wasn't working. Belle would not give up the book easily... He knew that now. She was a curious human. He looked at the girl and spoke. "That is not a Dr. Suess book... but to tell you about the book I first need to tell you a story," said the cat.

Belle sat on the edge of the pile of books and Boots sat next to her. She listened at he told his story...

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