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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Magic Santa Bus stop Part 2 by Relay Caedmon.

Amy AMY AMYYY!! Calling words echoed in the darkness, nothing was was seen only darkness as she was in a sack dumped into a dark corner of a cellar. She opened her eyes and found herself in the bus stop again.

Did i dream a dream that i was in a dream or was this really a magical bus stop. Her eyes looked up at the place there she had seen the small note earlier. She could see it had been replaced by a new note! Have it been anyone here while i dozed off? She stretched out her cold hand from the frost covered blanket she had curled herself within and took down the note.
It said (Santa Bus will arrive shortly Thank you for your patience)
"Patience im freezing and want to go home" Amy started to worried if she ever would be back home with mother and father and the delicious Christmas dinner who she always appreciated and enjoyed every Christmas as she could remember.

She took off her Blanket and let if fell down to the snow covered floor. All she could see was the same scenery as she could see before and now its started to getting dark. She turned around and was about to go back in and there stood another girl in an equal frosty blanket of the same size and color!!!

AN embarrassed silence followed and Amy didnt really know what to say or do.
"So you waiting for the Santa bus too?"
The girl wasn't shy at all Emily thought but she remained silent.
"The bus will come soon, and my name is Jonna and what is your name?"
"Very beautiful name, Look we have the same Blankets!"
She pointed at Emily's blankets on the floor.
Emily reached down and picket it up without saying a word still kept her distance to the strange girl who looked to be nearly at the same age as herself.

"Its pretty cold here even with these Blankets"
Jonna walked took up the paper sign Emily had looked at before, and placed it back to the board with a stick.
"Others might come as well now or later"
Out there in the white endless plains Emily's started to see something bright and yellow. It looked light a light of some kind and it moved closer. It started to be dark now and the sky was almost as white as the ground she it was hard to see anything else than this yellow light who grew in size.

"Is that the Santa Bus?"
Jonna did not say anything but smiled.
The light came closer and now she could it was a bus and it was Yellow.
Soon it arrived just beside the pavilion and a very tiny small figure sat behind the stairs.
The doors opened and the Santa helper wished winked at them to get on.
Soon the doors closed and Emily and her newfound friend were on their way to a new adventure in Santa land.
But that my friends that is a completely different story.

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