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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

"The Perfect Rose" by Llola Lane

"The Perfect Rose" by Llola Lane

Red, Purple, White, Yellow or Blue,
roses are beautiful no matter what hue.
Standing tall in the garden so grand,
they commands attention, and are anything but bland.

Traveling around the garden you go
the roses draw you in with every wind blow.
Their fragrance capture you with just a whiff,
And before you know it, you can't help but sniff.

You seach the garden for that perfect rose bud
and prune the ones that are a dud.
Snipping and cutting until you find
that single rose that blows your mind.

The rose of all roses is standing in front of you
you have to grab it and keep it a new.
With your camera you capture every petal
until it's picture perfect you just won't settle

Finally you decide to take the rose home
to photograph it more under a dome.
Carefully you snip it so the petals don't drop
but you have to hurry else the rose will flop.

You photograph it til you're happy with every picture
and choose one to frame to become a permanent fixture
In a drawing program you manipulate it with light
and add special effects until it's perfect and just right!

Pictures all done the rose is now in your room
in a single vase where it shows it's bloom.
Proudly it stands for everyone to see
and the aroma fills your senses with it's ecstasy!

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