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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

"The Dating Game" by Llola Lane

"The Dating Game" by Llola Lane

"Pick me!"

"No... Pick me!"

"I hope he picks me!"

They sounded like a bunch of gaggling geese. They were all vying for his attention. But... WHO would he pick? They were all beautiful. One was tall and firm, another was short and petite, the last was of an odd shape, but they all were making a fine showing. Choosing only one was proving to be a difficult task. He was totally confused. HOW could he pick JUST one?

For weeks he had been watching them. He watched them shine and sway. He watched them chatter amongst themselves. There were many at first but he weeded and pruned until just these 3 were left to the final choice. Each of these 3 had shown they were perfect for him.

He looked at the first. She was tall. Her limbs were firm and her color was bright. He had watched her blossom the last few weeks. She would be a great choice.

The second was a petite flower. "Good things come in small packages" he had heard somewhere. Whoever said it was right. She was surely a small package worth choosing.

The last was an odd choice. Her shape was not like any of the others. He had not been attracted to her at first. He almost passed her up completely. He was surprised he had picked her to be one of the 3. But something about her made him take notice. Her aroma intoxicated him. Her every smell was hypnotizing. He melted in her presence. She deserved to be amongst the 3.

He heard them whispering amongst themselves....

"Pft...He will pick me for sure!"

"He will pick me. I know he will."

"I will just smile at you all when he picks me."

It was time to make a choice. He HAD to prune 2 of them out. He thought long and hard as he looked at each of them. He walked up to the first she was a hard one to warm up. She was a harsh flower and her thorns were many and he knew he would not be able to give her what she wanted. He pruned her out.

He walked up to the second. Her small little face looked up at him. He was tall compared to her. She had been friendly right from the start. She was easy to get to know, but her family had been harsh to him. They beat him down until he was but a withering twig in the breeze. He could not live with her family. He pruned her out.

That left the last. She was an odd one. She was not perfect to look at, but something about her was JUST RIGHT. She was easy to love. Her family loved him too. They took him in like HE was family. He knew with her, together they would be happy. He chose her!

He had picked the rose of all roses. She was the finest in all the garden. Satisfied he had chosen the right one, he knew he would be a bachelor no longer.

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