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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Tree of Life - by Lillian Morpork

There is a tree, a very special tree that permeates the Universe. No wandering astronaut would see it, but it is there. It appears as a giant tree on planets, its branches spreading over acres of land, and from it life comes. No intelligent being ever sees it, but where it is, life is lush. This tree, in its many guises, produces, nourishes and protects life.

The life this tree creates comes in many forms, from such creatures as the gnat, to the elephant, or the giant blue whale. Out in space, where the tree actually exists, brilliant bubbles float off and drift around until they contact a planet. On some planets, the bubble sits and nothing happens, until a strong wind blows it off into space gain. When a bubble lands on a planet where life can grow and develop, the bubble bursts, and minute particles spray out, spreading far and wide. From these particles the first forms of life come.

On some planets, grass like growth covers the ground. Other particles grow into trees, and flowers. Primitive life forms appear, and so on. Intelligent life only appears on planets where conditions are right; water, and temperatures do not get too cold or too hot, and food sources are plentiful.

These intelligent beings are not all the same in appearance. Some would seem grotesque to us here on Earth, perhaps having tentacles instead of arms and legs. Or with eyes spaced all around the ‘head’, and a slit for a nose, and a mouth filled with two or three rows of teeth.

But whatever the form, or the appearance, the Tree treasures them all. The Tree is aware of everything that happens to any part of its creation, but more so of the intelligent life. It is in some way strongly alive in them. When an intelligent creature is harmed, the Tree feels the injury, and weeps.

Many of the bubbles spreading out from the Tree hold teachings for them, telling them how to get along together, and to accept life forms not like themselves. The bubbles also have healing powers, and whenever possible will brush against an injury and heal it so completely it is as if it had never happened.

There are stories I could tell about some of these creatures. Perhaps I will, another day; a story about Flextoo; or Binh, who could easily be from Earth. Or the Greenleaves, who have no individual names. But those tales will have to wait. Perhaps, another day.

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