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From July 2010 to December 2014 we ran OZLAND PICTURE STORIES as described below. Sadly though the number of writers reduced over the years and we decided to call it a day. We leave these as a record of the good times we had.

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Of Times Past - by Sven Pertelson

Images from the past arise, unbidden,
Like a half forgotten song.
Misty, watercolour memories,
Of a time when love and laughter
Filled two hearts.

Sharing simple pleasures with friends,
No cares to worry our minds.
Thoughtless for the future.
Enough to just be together
Under summer skies

Unspoken, the bonds we made,
A promise understood.
Apart, but still together
Letters bridge the miles between
and hope remains.

A few words badly phrased, unmeant.
She thinks I want another.
Too late I make reply,
She wishes us well.
There is no us.

Two hearts in pain, oceans apart,
Each finds someone to hold
a solace for the loss
of a love that never flowered
from the bud.

Half a lifetime later, together again
even for only a day.
We are young once more,
feelings we thought lost
make us sadly smile.

Neither can break the promises made.
But our love remains,
never to be fulfilled.
Unless in another life
our song begins again.

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