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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

"Flowers to you, from Sven to Llola" by Llola Lane

"Flowers to you, from Sven to Llola" by Llola Lane

This was taking too long. Sven's feet hurt as he stood starting at the words....

I give you lovely flowers
to show my love for you!
I hope they make you smile
even when you're feeling blue.

I hope they brighten up your day
and fill your room with scent
So when you look at them you'll know
how much your love has meant.

It had watercolor flowers painted on it.. with the picture of a couple cuddling. The couple could even be them. PERFECT!!! He thought to himself. He wanted just the right card to give to Llola for their anniversary. "I think I'll put this with a bouquet of flowers," he thought to himself.

Reaching for the matching envelope someone bumped him and he dropped it on the floor. Grumbling he wiped off the envelope and headed to the check out counter. Now... a trip to the florist was needed. And maybe a bottle of champagne. He was weaving a romantic night in his head as he heard..."That will be 4 dollars sir... sir??? sirrrrrrrrrrr???" Sven woke from his trance and handed the lady a 5 dollar bill. She gave him the change and put the card in a bag and handed it to him. He heard her mutter something like "Have a nice daa..." as he grabbed the bag and walked out the door.

His head was in a cloud as he drove to the florist. The last 5 years had been wonderful, and he hoped he and Llola would have many more together. He thought of all the fun they had going to Art Galleries.. Concerts.. Amusement parks and even the Zoo. Llola loved to explore and was always ready when he wanted to see some place new. She really WAS the right partner for him. His last partner had been more work than she was worth. He almost didn't remember a time before Llola.

Now... what kind of flowers?? Humm.... Well they HAVE to be red. No thought about that. Roses??? They DO smell lovely. Tulips??? The lady at the counter suggested poppies... to match his card and he agreed... A few sprigs of blue bells and some greenery and he was all set. Now for that champagne.

As he made his way back to the manor... he checked off his list in his head. Card?? check... Flowers?? check... Champagne?? check... It seemed like he was missing something but he couldn't think what it was. Oh well... She would be home soon and he wanted everything to be ready when she walked in the door.

He set the flowers on the table and lit the candles. He scribbled his signature on the card and stuck it on the stick inside the bouquet. He had decided not to get balloons and he was glad for that decision. The candles were much more romantic. With the champagne chilling next to the flowers he sat and waited for Llola to get home. His heart was beating a mile a minute. This was so exciting... she would be so surpised.

The door opened and Sven greeted Llola with a big hug and kiss. "Happy Anniversary, my Queen!" He lead her over to the table and her eyes opened wide when she saw the flowers. "Poppies!!!!! I love them!" She gave them a sniff. Her eyes fell on the card and she lifted the envelope off the stick. As she read the words a little tear came to the corner of her eye. "Oooo... What a lovely surprise," she said as she kissed him on the cheek.

They spent the night dancing and remembering the last 5 years together. The night had turned out JUST as Sven had hoped. As Llola kissed him the last kiss of the night she whispered in his ear..."Thank you my King... now... All that's missing are those chocolates you promised!" She giggled and turned out the lights.

Sven lay there wide awake... "THAT's what i forgot!" He grumbled.

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