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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Arwins christmas adventures part 2 by Relay Caedmon

Arwins christmas adventures part 2 by Relay Caedmon

Part 2 Jump Stop

The bus made a leap forward when Arwin pressed down the button, and the boy looked terrified on when they both saw the closest house rushing towards them. The veichled breached thru the garden bush into the closests yard and it didnt stopped there. But just when she closed her eyes and thought the bus were seconds from crashing into the house nothing happend it all became silent, and she heard the boy chanting we did it we diiiid it.

Slowly she removed her hands from her eyes and could see they was high up in the air.
-Where are we?
The small boy who still jumped up and down looked at her with delight in his eyes. Cant you see he shouted, we are in the air you made it you reaaaalllyy made it!!
With those shouted words the boy ran back the bus and picked up the bag Arwin had noticed earlier.

-With this bag we can give every child a present, a wonderful present.
Arwin looked at the bag who looked exactly like a normal bag.
Arwin looked at the bag again.
-That bag look pretty small to even hold a big christmasgift.
The boy opened the bag and put his hand down. And after some struggling he came up with a cute puppy. The little dog looked around and started to bark.

-How could a puppy be in the bag
Arwin couldnt belive what she just saw, then she looked forward and got to the next big shock a huge passenger airplane just flew by her sight.
-W W Was than an airplane!!
-Yes it was the boy replied
How high up are we Arwin asked nervously.
The boy looked down at first then straight to her
- About 7000 meters above the sea.
- 7000 meters!! Why how come how is it possible??
She started to feel close to freak out 7000 meters up and seing a plane passing by, all this just beacuse looking herself out only in lingerie.

After get herself together she turned her head to the boy again
-So what do you want me to do?
-Finaly you ask! The boy said
-We needed a driver and you agreed to be the driver, i am sorry if it wasnt what you expected but we are just this minute going to the north pole were santa lives.

Arwen now started to freak out how can can i i dont have any clothes!!
She almost screamed out the last sentence in agony.
The boy just looked at her
- I am just a helper thats all
Suddenly she realized what he meant and a broad smile came onto her face.
-So your a helper do you have any clothes for me in that bag?
-Sure the boy said with an equal broad smile on his face and quickly jumped down and opened the bag again
This day started off well afterall She looked at the bus monitors who blinked in the colors of christmas and the xmas tunes from the player promised more adventures ahead for Arwin. My friends will never belive me if im telling them this.
To be continued.

And the puppy jumped up in her lap and looked at her with her friendly puppy

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