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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Arwens Christmas Adventure by Relay Caedmon

Arwens Christmas Adventure by Relay Caedmon

Arwin found that driving the Santa Special was more of an adventure than she had expected.

It all started a few mornings ago on a beautiful winter morning, Arwin had sneaked out early in the cold wintermorning to throw some garbage before work. Just this morning was blistering cold and she could feel the hard crunchy snow under her feet, as she moved towards her big plastic garbage bin.

For every step she took the freezing ground really made her feet to be more cold. A Sudden wind blow made her to shiver, and in the same moment she heard a sound her door closing. Arwin dropped what she had on her hands but realized that she left her keys inside and whats worse she wasnt clothed in more than her morning coat and not much more under it than lingerie under it.

Desperately she looked around for any imediate help. No neighbours around seemed to be home at least no cars or lighten up windows. And she blamed herself for not bring her cell with her. Further down the road she saw something on the parking spot just beside a group of bushes and trees. After a short intensive run session she saw that it was a bus, it had no marking or comercial spots on the front or side, all she saw was its painted yellow and white colors.

The veichel also seemed to be empty at least nobody inside. In desperation she started to knock the bus windows. After walking around the bus and knocked on all windows she could see, a face suddenly looking up at her on a window further away. It disapeared again to peek up just in front of her. The face looked like a boy but it was something funny with it. A small Part of the window was oepened.

- Do you want something? Do you need something?
The voice didnt sound like a young boys voice, Arwin couldt placed really if it was a man or boy talked to her.

- I am freezing cold and i locked myself out by mistake she replied.

The figures face looked puzzled at first then he laughed a friendly laughter.
- Come in i will open the front door for you.

Arwen stumbled around the bus on her numb frozen legs and saw the bus door open up and the figure jumped out, she was suprised that he wouldnt reach to her waist, but he still didnt looked like a boy he gave a somewhat older impression.
She walked on the bus and took a warm seat near the drivers seat. The boyish figure closed the door and started the radio.
Christmas music filled her ears and she began to feel warm again. The tunes filled her mind more and more.

- we could need your help?
Arwin blinked and looked at the boy.
-My help what kind of help?

The small boy looked puzzled again and then he shined up.
- I know you can drive the bus for us!

Arwen felt confused drive the bus!?!?!
- Yes yes yes you can drive the bus for us our driver is sick he cant drive.

Arwin looked around the bus and saw mysterious bags further back on the bus corridor.
-Why should i drive the bus and who are you? Arwen replied.

The little boy schratched his head
-I am the helper just a simple helper thats all. But we need you we need you Arwen please help us.

Arwen was suprised over that the figure knew her name, but after looked over the nearby alternatives She started to feel little petty over the boys beggings. I am not a heartless bitch she thought. I cant afterall dont leave the bus, at least not right now.

- Allright allright i will drive the bus for you!
- The boy danced around i pure deligth
-shee will driiive for us she will driiive for us she will driveeeeee

Hope he will be satisfied if i just start the engine, she thought.
Arwen got up from her comfy seat and walked to the drivers seat, slowly she sat on the equal comfy place on the drivers seat, her eyes moved around and saw nothing out of place and the key was already in place ready to just turn around.

Slowly she turned around the Key
-NO NO NO not so not soooo
The boy looked worried and jumped up and down.
- you just press that button here!
He pointed at a small red button beside the ashtray
- You push it and be ready for what ever happends
It cant be that hard Arwen thought and pressed the button.


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