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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Welcome To My New Normal! by SweetTrinityBaby Resident

Welcome To My New Normal! by SweetTrinityBaby Resident

To start walking on a path seeming normal is freeing. Having all your ducks in a row, plans layed out, knowing in a sense what you will be when you grow up. You put your foot out on to the first step of the first brick of the path. As you walk you get bumped from the left then the right, but it's okay it's normal to have some trouble. For you are human and nothing is perfect. So you pick up what might have dropped, wipe off the tears that might have fallen and take the next few steps.

You dont see the uneven brick, the one thing that you never even thought could happen, happens and you trip. This time dropping all your belongings you held so tightly too, so no one would see or know where there. You just ly on the ground before all, watching with all exposed knowing you have to get up. There is no other choice none at all no matter how bad this pain hurts no matter how deep this cut cuts, you have to get up. So slowly you get to your feet and brush yourself off, pick up every piece that has fallen, and even though all that watch do not help, it's okay you are fine, you can do this, you pack it all away neatly, safely. You are pulled back together now. It's time to walk, one foot after the other, you can do it, just one at a time.

Days pass, months, years, life gets easier just faint reminders as you keep walking. Knowing the path you are on has a point, and a purpose, but seeming the purpose is so long gone, you pull out your best layed plans, and go over them. Bringing a smile to your face, you think "I can still do this, I'm not too broken." So you take out your pen and adjust them. After working a few hours you fold up the paper and go to sleep.

Upon waking from a bad dream that never seems to stop. You get up and start walking with new direction, and a new beat to your step. The worst is over and life will get better. You see the sun and clouds, and you think about how lovely all the shapes are in the sky, oh so heavenly, oh so beautiful. You never saw it, what was it, you're on the ground in so much pain it hurts, its dark, you can't see, what's wrong, where are you? You're lost.

Panic sets in. You have never known this before. You hear things, but you see nothing, some colors but nothing is clear. You feel your plans in your hand and you grip them tight. "I'm not loosing this... Im not letting them go again," you think. You hear someone's voice. You know, but can't think of their name, you can't think of anything. They take you away to the hospital, tell you something is wrong with you, something bad. You're put through a lot of tests and kept for days. In the end five doctors come in, and just stare at you. One is very cute and has been around the whole time. He tells you. "You have just had a Migraine Attack." You're like, "WHAT?" I don't have those!

Your life from that day on is changed, and you are now living in a NEW normal. You have to know what time to sleep, what time to eat, what smells to stay away from, and much more. You now live a life in the dark because the sun hurts you so bad. You get home, go to your room, look at your plans sitting on your bed, and tear them up feeling completely hopeless.

Welcome To My New Normal!

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