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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Madonna’s (PART 3) by Llola Lane

I awoke suddenly. I could hear alarms and sirens. They echoed in my cabin. I heard footsteps outside my door. Someone was banging on it. Half asleep I answered the door. “We’re HERE!” a man’s voice said. The hallway was bright and noisy so I just nodded and closed the door.

I thought to myself…”The story continues.”

All dressed, I left my cabin to see what this new WORLD looked like. At least it was new for us. Earthlings had not been here before. If it were not for the Madonna’s we would not have found the planet. It was hidden by a dark nebula. I made it to the bridge just as we were orbiting. It was a strange looking planet. All yellow with dark circles on it. It reminded me of a round swiss cheese.

As we orbited around to the dark side of the planet a strange shape began to form… Everyone grew silent as the picture of the Madonna formed on the surface. It was HUGE. There was no doubt…THIS was where we were supposed to be.

We were all so excited to head down to the planet. Tests were conducted to see if we would need breathing equipment. The air was just like earth… in fact better. No pollution, just good clean air.

The shuttle ride down to the planet was a bit bumpy but I managed to not get sick. I couldn’t wait to get my feet back on solid ground. As we grew closer to what was nose we noticed a large silver tube followed along the ridge. It looked like a monorail system of some sort. The first signs of people. SOMEONE had to have built it. The ground WAS yellow and the dark holes we had seen from orbit were their water supply. Oceans of round water holes scattered across the surface.

As we flew along the NOSE we came to where the EYES were. Two cities stood on either side. More evidence of life. Farther up the nose the tube system turned left. Just like where the antenna would be, only it followed the ground. We followed farther up the nose to the right and saw the X. Did it mark the spot again??? We decided to land and get out and look.

The air WAS clean and crisp. It was easy to breathe. The X formed a huge mountain. At the base of the mountain was a cave. We had still not seen any life and no one had greeted us when we landed. Cautiously a small party of us walked to the cave. The yellow ground was the texture of grass and it muffled the sound of our footsteps. A gentle breeze blew and small white birds flew around us making cooing sounds. They looked very much like the tattoo on the Madonna’s. Theirs was the only sound we heard. If there were people here they MUST be inside the cave.

We got to the cave entrance and stood for a moment looking inside. It was dark and we all were a little scared to go inside. A colleague exclaimed “If they wanted to kill us I’m sure they would not have given us the Madonna Maps.” We all agreed and made our way inside. The cave was enormous. It was bigger than our ship. In the distance someone said they saw movement. We all strained to see in the darkness but no one else could see anything. We all DID however feel as though we were being watched. Our tiny flashlights didn’t light up much. The ground of the cave was solid. Someone in our party yelled... “HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.” The voice echoed for a few moments and then stopped.

When the echo ended we looked down and a small figure stood before us. Everyone had been so busy looking around that no one had seen which direction the figure had come from. It looked like a small child only about 3 feet tall. It wore all red and had an antenna sticking out from its’ yellow forehead just like on the Madonna’s. In my head I heard “GREETINGS.” But its’ mouth didn’t move. We all looked at each other. Everyone had HEARD the greeting. It was so dark I could barely see anything. I started to answer and suddenly the place lit up like a Christmas tree. I could see the figure more clearly now… it had 2 large eyes, a nose and small mouth. Again I heard “GREETINGS, we hope the light helps you see better.” We all nodded yes.

We looked around the cave and two more figures had entered our area. There were tubes all around the cave walls. “Follow me” I heard in my head… and we followed the figure. It took us to one of the tubes and and went inside. We followed. Within moments we were whisked away down a tunnel. A few moments later we were floating along the top of the mountain ridge. We could see out the windows that it was getting dark. Our vehicle made a right turn when the track forked… in the direction of the circle on the antenna and stopped at the circle’s edge.

As we stepped outside the vehicle I saw that we were on a giant round platform. It looked like the circle ruins we had explored in Belize. A ring of circle stairs led us below. When we reached the bottom of the steps we were led to a large building. On either side of the building doors where 2 giant carvings of the Madonna’s head. The doors opened automatically and we walked inside. The room was bright like daylight. On the walls were paintings of the Madonna. Different sizes and shapes… but all still similar to the Madonnas we had found on Earth. “Please wait here” I heard in my head and off the figure went back the way we came.

We all started talking about what we had seen. This was an exciting day indeed. So far these beings had been quite friendly. “GREETINGS” I heard in my head. This was a different voice. Older… A smaller frail figure stood before us with 2 others at its’ side. This one had the bird tattoo under its’ left eye. “Welcome to our planet… We call it Madora. We are pleased you finally found us. We left you many clues. You have evolved enough to decipher them. We have been waiting for you!

The figure went on to tell us how they had visited our planet many times and left clues in many places. They were a highly evolved people. They had learned how to communicate via telekinesis. That’s what the antenna was for… to help broadcast their voices to our heads. Their eyes had grown large because this planet spends most of its days in darkness. Since they don’t speak their mouths are small and used for eating. They have no ears since the antenna also receives sounds.

They want to help us learn to grow in our knowledge of the universe, and I am eager to learn and explore. And perhaps… I will share a little of my continuing adventures with you my friend… in ANOTHER story!

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