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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Madonnas (PART 1) by Llola Lane

As someone once told me... X hardly EVER marks the spot. So then... WHY am I sitting in this space ship heading for some planet I've never even been to??? THAT is a story in itself...

It all started about a year ago....

With the stars now within reach there was a big rush to explore the galaxy. Not me though. My feet were firmly planted on Earth... and that is right where I wanted to stay planted.

I was on an archeological dig in Egypt when we found it. I was the first to discover the painting on the wall. It was different than all the other paintings in the crypt. For one thing the paint looked fresh, as if it was painted yesterday. The colors were vibrant and not cracked at all. At first I thought someone in the camp was playing a trick on me. But I was the first one in the crypt so it couldn’t have been one of the workers. I carefully took pictures of the painting from all angles. It had been painted on a single wall and was about 2 feet wide by 3 feet tall. The colors were right for the crypt time period… red, blue, white, black, and even yellow. There was however no green in the painting.

The painting was of a woman’s face. At least it looked like a woman. But she had an odd shape to her face, and what looked like antenna coming out from her forehead. There were no ears that I could see, but she had two large eyes that seemed to look right through you. A small mouth and a nose were present. A white bird was painted below her left eye like a tattoo. It looked very similar to a partridge. Her skin was yellow and her hair (at least I thought it was hair) was red.

The whole wall was vacant except for that one painting. Within moments my fellow colleagues were crowded around me. We all started talking about what the painting could be of. Some said a goddess… others said it was just a hoax put here by a previous expedition. I muttered under my breath “she’s an alien.” And the whole room grew silent.

I spent the next few months researching the painting and looking for other similar pieces of art on the internet. I found two that were close… One was a painted head statue carved out of stone found in the China ruins of Beijing. The other was a half painted wall carving found in the Mayan ruins of Belize. Seemed like our little “Madonna” as I had nicknamed her had been all over the world. They all had that similar “antenna.” The painted colors on the statue and carving were almost exact as the wall painting I had found in Egypt. These two new finds had my colleagues and I wondering if she really WAS an alien.

We met, a month later, with representatives of the China and Belize expeditions, to see if we could find out any more information about the “Madonna’s” as they were now being called. A whole room of us gathered around a large table. Pictures of the Madonna’s, earth maps and star charts were all laid out. By now it was obvious to everyone that these WERE artist renderings of an alien. The antenna had everyone stumped though. She was very human like. But what was that antenna for?

As I studied the photos I had taken of the cave wall painting, I noticed something very strange. The line of the nose to the antenna was straight. Looking at a flat map of the world I marked the 3 places the artwork had been found. I connected the dots and they formed the exact straight line that the nose line followed. What’s more… when I laid the photo over the globe the line curved back to Belize just like on the painting. The Madonna’s were maps!!! But a map to where??? A map to what??? More questions. I showed my fellow colleagues and the next month was spent trying to figure out what to do next.

To be continued…


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