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From July 2010 to December 2014 we ran OZLAND PICTURE STORIES as described below. Sadly though the number of writers reduced over the years and we decided to call it a day. We leave these as a record of the good times we had.

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Friday, October 8, 2010

Who’s Best? by lillian Morpork

One aeon, the Archangels Mihael, angel of Loyalty, and Ezekiel, angel of Death and Transformation, were walking around Heaven, chatting and watching various happenings. Mihael was tall, slender, and inhumanly handsome, gave off a subdued white glow. Ezekiel, just as tall and handsome had a darker aura, his glow was more shadowed.

They watched the various scenes with interest. Here, an angelic choir was practising, there a group of new angels were learning to handle their wings. No matter how far away the event was, they could see and hear it clearly. Once scene suddenly caught their attention.

Jesus and Lucifer were standing face to face, almost nose to nose, discussing (aka arguing) which one was the better computer programmer. Lucifer was giving off a reddish glow, and his voice was raised, while Jesus was calm and cool, a pale blue aura flickering around his head.

As Mihael and Ezekiel watched, a bright light formed by the pair, and God was there. After the disagreement was explained, God said that there was only one way to decide, and he waved his hand. Two complete computer stations appeared, with ergonomic seats and everything. ‘Sit, ye, each to his station, and program. When thou hast accomplished this, I will return and judge.’ With that, God disappeared, and the pair sat down.

After a while, Ezekiel said ‘I think Lucifer will win. He is more determined, and has a stronger will to succeed than Jesus has.’

‘No way!’ Mihail exclaimed. ‘Jesus is quieter, and calmer, and will concentrate entirely on what he is doing. Lucifer will have part of his mind distracted by his anger and determination to do a better job. Jesus will win.’

‘Ok, what do you bet?’

‘If I win, you will groom my wings and take care of my robes for what the humans call a month.’

‘Hmm...all right, and if I win, you will take care of my records for the same period,’ Ezekiel agreed. They shook hands, and turned their attention again to the contest. They watched as the two busily tapped at the keyboards, and masses of information and coding appeared on the screens. They looked at each other.

‘Do you have any idea what all that is?’ Ezekiel asked.

‘No, not at all.’ Mihael answered, and they kept on watching.

Some uncounted time later, God reappeared, and said ‘Thy time hath ended. Finish, and stand to be judged.’ Jesus and Lucifer made some last taps on their keyboards, stood, and moved to one side. God examined first Lucifer’s computer, then Jesus’s.

‘Let it be known throughout all the Kingdoms of Heaven and Earth, that Jesus hath proved Himself to be the better programmer!’ He declaimed.

Lucifer huffed, and said ‘It isn’t fair! You always liked him best. It’s favouritism!’

‘Not so,’ said God. ‘My judgement can in no wise be other than fair and impartial, and thou must accept it. Jesus hath proven to be the best, because Jesus Saves!’

Mihail turned just in time to see Ezekiel fall to the ground in a faint, his glow darkening until his wings looked black. He smiled and his glow brightened until he was too bright even for the angels to look at. ‘I knew Jesus would do it,’ he murmured. ‘Everything he does is perfect.’

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