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From July 2010 to December 2014 we ran OZLAND PICTURE STORIES as described below. Sadly though the number of writers reduced over the years and we decided to call it a day. We leave these as a record of the good times we had.

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

“A Forest Fae Tale“ by Llola Lane

Once upon a time in a forest far far away there lived two fae sisters. One was a White Fae the other was a Black Fae. They both dreamed of marrying the White Fae prince, although neither one of them had met him before. But tonight was their chance. The great fae ball was tonight, in the center of the forest. It was rumored that tonight he would pick his mate. All the faes would be there.

As they stood by the stream, the White Fae looked into the water and imagined what the White Fae prince would say when they met. She was rather plain of face but her wings where prettier than any other faes in the forest. She had a nice shapely body and tonight she had decided to wear her white skin and pull her hair up into a ponytail. Her sister on the other hand had decided to wear her black skin and large black headdress. It was a grand headdress and she was sure to get noticed by everyone there.

The time had arrived and both sisters were dressed and ready to go to the ball. The ballroom was crowded. No one dared refuse an invite from the King and Queen of the Fae. Black and White Fae all dressed in their finest was a grand sight. The sisters struggled to find the White Fae prince in the crowd. They finally found him on the dance floor. He was dancing with a Black Fae dressed all in silver. She was a vision in her skin.

Standing atop the hill the two sisters were fascinated by at all the people. The Black Fae sister adjusts her headdress and makes her way to the dance floor. She bows to the prince and asks him for a dance. He accepts and sweeps her up into his arms. He has a strong grip and her heart beats faster. They make a little conversation and smile a lot at each other. The sister tells him how much she has admired him from afar and he nods graciously. A few moments are all they get before another Fae comes up to ask him to dance. Reluctantly she bows and steps away. She finds her sister still standing atop the hill.

“Aren’t you going to ask him to dance?” asks the Black Fae sister. “My heart is racing, I can’t.” says her sister. “You are too shy. You are never going to meet anyone just standing up here on the hill,” says the Black Fae sister. “I’m going to go dance” and off she goes back down the hill.

Up on the hill the White Fae sister finds a quiet place to sit and listen to the music. She closes her eyes and hums, swaying to the tune. She jumps with a start! Someone has disturbed her humming. She turns around and there he is! It’s the White Fae prince! What shall she do??? What shall she say??? “I am sorry to disturb your humming. I just HAD to get away from the crowd,” he says. “You hum beautifully!” She mutters a thank you and lowers her eyes to the ground. “I’ve not danced with you tonight,” he says… “May I have this dance?” He touches his fingers to her chin and raises her face to the light. She smiles at him and takes his hand. They dance and laugh for an hour before someone comes looking for the prince and steals him away.

The Black Fae sister returns and finds her sister smiling as she sits. The Black Fae sister asks “Why are YOU smiling? The prince has been missing for an hour and I’ve only had one dance with him tonight. How am I going to get him to fall in love with me if I can’t even find him?” The White Fae sister smiles and says “He’s been dancing with me…and I think he likes me!” “YOU???” The Black Fae sister lowers her head and her heart saddens at the news. The White Fae sister sees that her sister is heartbroken and quickly changes the subject. “So who have YOU been dancing with my sister,” she asks? “Oh some Black Fae guy over there.” She points to a Black Fae standing talking with the prince. “He’s a strong looking Fae and quite handsome” says the White Fae sister.

They are interrupted by trumpets sounding. It is time for the Prince to make his announcement of whom he will marry. All the eligible women are told to gather in a circle around the White Fae prince. The two sisters do as they are commanded. They hold each others hand in anticipation. The prince walks around the circle and smiles at each lady. He reaches the White Fae sister and points to her. “Here is the Fae I pick!” Everyone claps and another trumpet is sounded. This is quite unexpected…The White Fae prince announces that his BROTHER the Black Fae prince has also made his choice tonight for a mate. Everyone gasps… No one has seen the Black Fae prince in years.

The circle separates to allow the Black Fae prince to enter. It’s the Fae that the Black Fae sister had been dancing with. Her heart races… “YOU .. I pick you!” he states as he points to the Black Fae sister. She takes his hand and the whole forest is alive with applause. They have two joinings to celebrate.

The King and Queen smile as the two couples walk to the center of the circle and the orchestra starts playing music. They are happy their sons have picked such fine strong women to marry. They all dance and laugh the night away… The two sisters have gotten their dream of marrying a prince and they all lived happily ever after!


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