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Friday, July 23, 2010

Hot and Dry by 7Gems Bluebird

Hot and Dry by 7Gems Bluebird

Living in a house, in a land that's hot and dry, snow I have never seen.

I celebrate Christmas, with its stories of dancing snowmen and fat jolly men in sleds with flying reindeer. all these things so foreign to me. I have never built or seen a snowman or been in a sled pulled by anything, and yet here I am decorating my house and dreaming of these things here in this land of hot and dry.

“Jolly Christmas”, I greet the neighbours, and gifts I wrap for the kids. Some day, I think to myself,  I will go to some place that has this magical snow, but not this year and perhaps not even next year.

But my dreams continue and as the years pass my house continues to be decorated as if I really know what these snow things are. All these Christmas symbols that seem to stem from a white fluffy thing that to me is the stuff of fairy tales. Even though I am told through news and perhaps that one,well travelled, relative that  “Yes it really is true.”  and “No its not really that soft.”

 Wow!  To think of it. Some day, some day, I shall know it, in its reality...

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