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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Vespa Ride - part 5 – Lillian Morpork

Benny pulled up in front of 53 Barker Ave., the home of Constable Ralph Gifford. They stood for a moment looking up at the house, dark and silent in sleep. Then Lexi shrugged a bit and moved forward.

We might as well get this over with. If Ralph’s transcription of the witness statements adds to the evidence, we can call it quits for tonight and take the evidence to the chief in the morning. I for one could do with a few hours of sleep.”

“Yeah, I’m just about ready to fold up too. And from what I remember him saying, Together they mounted the step and Lexi rang the bell. They waited for a few minutes, and then Benny pounded with his fist as hard as he could. It wasn’t long before a light came on, and a very tousled and half asleep Constable stood staring bleary eyed at them.

“Huh? Chief Fraser, Inspector Jones? What is it? Do you know what time it is?!”

“Yes, we know the time!” Lexi snapped. “We haven’t been able to go off and sleep; we’ve been solving a couple of cases!” He wasn’t usually so short and snappish with underlings, but he was tired, and had already talked to Gifford about his notes on more than one occasion. “We need you to transcribe these notes.” He handed the notebook to Ralph.

Ralph took it, glanced at it, and said “As soon as I get in in the morning, Chief,” and started to close the door. Lexi stuck his foot in and stopped the door. “No, Ralph, you will transcribe them now. We need them right away. And from now on, you will transcribe your notes before you leave the station. Is that clear? I have told you this before, so remember!”

Ralph reluctantly let them in. As they were heading for the dining room, Ralph’s wife Nora came downstairs, wrapped in a teal blue velvet robe. She was beautiful, with honey blond hair and blue eyes. She took in the three men, said hello, and went to the kitchen, saying over her shoulder “I’ll make you some coffee.”

Ralph sat down, rubbed his eyes and ran a hand over his tousled hair. Then he got up and went to a bureau, opened a drawer and took out a pad and pen. Sitting again, he began to write, referring to the notebook. Soon Nora came in and placed coffee in front of them, with a plate of chocolate chip cookies, said goodnight and went upstairs.

Half an hour later, Lexi and Benny were in the car, Benny driving as Lexi read the notes of the witness statements aloud. When he was finished they cheered and high fived one another. “That does t!” Lexi exclaimed. “We can take this to the Chief in the morning. Our cases are solved, and we can prove who the perp is! I’m too tired to ride the Vespa home, I’m going to sleep in the lounge.” He sighed. Now all he had to do was get his fiancé to agree to a more doable honeymoon trip, and life would be great again.

“Yeah,” Benny said. “I think I’ll join you. Nancy has been seeing less of me lately; she won’t be surprised if I don’t go home tonight. She’ll be glad to know the case is solved.”
The next morning, they appeared at the Chief’s door, rumpled, unshaven, but exultant. “Sir, we have solved our cases. They were connected, but until we joined forces last night, we couldn’t see it. Now we have concrete evidence, and know who the perp is.” The Chief looked up and told them to come in. They showed him the evidence, including pictures taken at both crime scenes, and the same face in all five pictures. It took an hour, but when they were done, he took charge of the evidence and congratulated them.

“Good work, guys, now, you look beat. Go home and get some sleep, I’ll get constables out to apprehend this Bertie Bowen.” They thanked him, and left.

Lexi slept until afternoon, and was awakened by the phone. It was his fiancée, Madeline. “HI, Lexi.” He mumbled a response, still half asleep. “You sound sleepy, did I wake you? “

“Yeah, I didn’t get to bed until four, slept at the station, and then had to report to the Chief. It’s been a long haul, with little sleep for the past couple of weeks.”

“I’m sorry, Lexi. I just wanted to apologise for being so silly and stubborn about the honeymoon. My uncle Frank got home yesterday from a trip to the east coast. I asked him about the places I want to see, and how many we could fit in, doing everything across the country in three weeks. As a truck driver, I figured he’d know. He laughed at me.” She sounded a bit hurt over her favourite uncle laughing at her. Then she went on “Anyway, I’m convinced now that you’ve been right all along, and I’m sorry I didn’t believe you. He gave me an itinerary that will let us see a lot on the East Coast. He also said it would be more sensible to fly out and rent a car. And that also, is what you said. I’m really sorry I wouldn’t listen to you, but I promise, from now on, I will. Can you forgive me?”

“Of course, Maddy, How can I not forgive you? I love you more than anyone in the world. How about dinner tonight at Casper’s, and we can look over what uncle Frank suggested. He’s got a good head on his shoulders, so I’m sure I will approve.”
what he has should clinch it.”

“Oh, thank you Lexi. And dinner at Casper’s is a great idea. Get some more sleep so you will be wide awake for me.” She giggled.

“Ok, love. Pick you up around eight?”

“Ok. See you then. Bye.”

“Bye Maddy.” He hung up and dropped back on the bed, happy and relieved. All of his problems solved, just as Airmid said they would be. Of course, there would be more problems, they were part of life. But he had a feeling the from now on, whatever came up, he would have Airmid’s help. Sighing, he turned over and went back to sleep, to dream of the future and life with Maddy.

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