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From July 2010 to December 2014 we ran OZLAND PICTURE STORIES as described below. Sadly though the number of writers reduced over the years and we decided to call it a day. We leave these as a record of the good times we had.

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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Mel - by Gabrielle Wind

“No,” I sigh, “I am unarmed but don't let my looks fool you,” said with a smirk. I looked down decided jump out of the tree and landed smack dead in the middle of the horde of the undead but manage to get to the outer edge of the horde.

I take out my glasses and begin to scan the area to see how many were there. To my surprise it was only three hundred of them.

Over the telecom I started to talk to Jaylyn.

‘Hey Jaylyn how fast can you get here with my gauntlets and elemental sword.” I said growling low as i move to one side to dodge the sword coming for my head. As I look to my left I rammed my fist into the skeleton face breaking the skull.  I watched to turn to dust then to my amazement I saw bodies begin to turn to dust and I knew Jaylyn was almost here.

“Was this quick enough for you?” Jaylyn said.

“Yeah right on time,” I said seeing Jaylyn  killing loads of the zombies and skeletons warriors trying to get to me. Then she stop right in front of me smiling.

I slide the gauntlets on and hit my fist together and grabbed my sword and gave a wicked grin as the  sword begin to turn in to a big ice sword.

“Lets do this!” I said rushing into the horde of zombies first.

Hours later i started to get tired and as I turned I saw a skeleton warrior that was about to hit me, but suddenly it turned to dust right in front of me. I look towards the the tree and gave a smile and headed towards Jaylyn we both put our backs together and we were both out of breath then something strange happen all the warriors and zombies disappeared. Jaylyn and I looked at each other and shrug. We both walked towards the tree where the woman jumped out of the tree

“Wow you guys are strong! You think you can help my mother get back to normal.” She said with a sigh

I gave a soft smile and nod my head as I walk over towards one of the bodies still laying there kicking at it and I sigh a little.

“What your name by the way and thanks for killing that skeleton warrior,” I said smiling at her

“My name is Mel I was suppose to succeed my mom till she told me to leave the castle, but i don't know why. I been living at this tree watch over my mom for ten years when this started I just turned eighteen.”  She said shrugging some.

“Well if it was me I would say that if I sense some danger I believe that why she did that. Oh by the way,” I said walking towards her, “I am Gabby this is my friend,” I pause for a moment, “well we were enemies before we came here but this is Jaylyn. we came from another demention and we trying to get back to the right one.” I said with a sigh

“Well I can help you with that but we need my mother to help with the parts you need to get back, but lets go back to my house.” She said getting her stuff out the tree.

“Wait! What! That your house that we were in.” I said in some surprised tone of voice.

“Yeah I am the leader of the rebels faction and this my house.” Mel said walking towards me with all her armor and weapons.

We walked back over to where we staying for the night. I watch Mel put the stuff down and a slight smile come upon her face as she see her mother.

“Did we figure out what and how you got split apart?” Mel said as she set her stuff down near the door.

“Yeah we did Gabby said it might be a spell and she knows that it was an elven spell but we don’t know who did it,” said Abby.

“Mother I believe I know who did it to you and all that happen in which we need to get your other half out and reunite you both. You know cause these zombies and skeleton warrior only say one person.” Mel said getting frustrated.

I continue to watch them but then decided to walk out and head back to where every one was I spotted my armor over on the table where some one was repairing it.

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