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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

imperial army part one - by Gabrielle Wind

“So are you ready to patrol Luna?” I asked her as I check to see if everything is set. Then I grab two pair of sun glasses I put mine on and handed the other set to Luna. I watch her put them on and we headed out the door.

It was a sunny day out side and then so the sun glasses were a perfect touch.

“ Communication check.” I said as I look at Luna.

“ I hear you loud and clear mom.” Luna said.

We started to walk to a newly build book store. I looked around scanning for any thing out of the ordinary. We got to the books store and I gasp it was a Barns and Noble book store. I go into the store and then we both go and take a seat.

“Luna can you get me an Ice Tea,” I said look around then I spotted someone that got me worried, so I look at him and scanned him.

Within the glasses there a small computer and it can relay with the lead computer back at the house. Everything from locating my position or finding any weapons. I decided to get Luna attention and point to the door. She nodded and we headed out the door.

As I walk out the door the sun was bright and I slowly open my eyes.  I sigh some and when I looked around everything around me was burned.

"I guess I had a flash back  to when I got my powers." I thought to myself. I try to move but when I try to move my right leg I felt a sharp pain in thigh. I look down and to surprise I found that some glass was lodge in my thigh. Fortunately I had more armor on than normal.

"Hey Corry can you some medical supplies up for me I will be on the next floor send it there."  I said as I get up slowly with a low growl. I made my way to the door and stop I scanned the room one more time to make sure it was all clear. I notice right of the  corner of my eyes, I saw another creature but I was ready and I pulled out my gun and shot. Now at this point I though it would just fall to ground but it exploded and what ever it was, it was gone.  I turn the handle and continue.

I got to the next floor and stop. I notice that there was water coming out the door.  And I thought about it but just left that level.  I started walking again and stop and pull out the glass from my thigh. I let out a scream as I pulled it but I decided to continue through the pain.

Slowly I made my to the roof top where I saw my daughter tied up and several people huddle together.  I went over to my daughter and looked her over. She was bad injure but she slowly open her eyes.

"Mom it trap," she said falling back unconscious. My eyes grew in concerned for her daughter well being.

I begin to look around I notice the machine that was causing all the problems. I look at it and decided it have to be destroyed.  Then I felt something grab me to where I couldn't move my arms it was almost like a claw. My eyes grew wide as I notice who has gotten me.

"Well, look what we got here. It seem I caught a mouse in my trap. Now how have been Gabby. The last time I saw you have smash the mandolin over my head cause I was about to kill your daughter." She said as she pulls me closer to her.

"  Jaylyn let me go I must shut down that machine before another random rift open." I said beginning to struggle to get free. I started to feel hot and I smirk towards Jaylyn. " you know this only worked once but now it won't hold me unless I didn't have these powers."

I looked behind her and an other rift was about to open. I focus on what type of rift was about to loose and my grew wide in fear. I grab the chain and quickly heated it up and then pulled on it snapping it. I heard a growl from Jaylyn. I notice when she turned around she was in the perfect position to be pushed into the rift.

" Corry make sure that this machine get destroyed for me please." I said  as I run towards Jaylyn. I ran into pushing her into the rift with me.

When we came out of the rift we landed in an old library. This library must been three stories tall. I look around, my thigh still in much pain. I notice this library was covered in dust. I pulled out a book and then looked at the date of when it was published. I slightly smiled but I was still worried cause I could not find Jaylyn.

"Don't move or I will put a giant hole in your chest. Now turn around slowly." He said sounding upset.

I turn Around slowly and show him my hands. I look at him he was a tall black muscular man. I don't know what he had plan but I took a look a his weapon and sigh.  Then I notice that Jaylyn was right behind him and put her dagger to his throat. I gave a soft smile.

"You going to put that gun on the ground  and kick it towards her and do it quick." Said Jaylyn growling at the man.

The man does what he was told very quickly and I look to Jaylyn and gave her a nod sign of it being okay to let him go. I picked up the weapon and looked at it.  I notice it was a shotgun but to what it was for I had no idea.

"First off what is your name and why did you come at me with so much aggression?"  I said looking at the man straight into the eyes. I scanned the rest of his body for any more weapons and reach into his back pocket and pull out a small hunting blade.  " don't think you will be needing that anytime soon."

"My name is Ken and I came at you cause I thought you guys were part of the imperial army here to capture us. That is why came with so much aggression. I couldn't let you get close to my family."  He said with a slight growl coming from him."Besides that I only know of the imperial army able to travel  through things like that."

"Well, Ken I not with that army I do not think that I can be so cruel. That beside the point I need your help would you happen to have any medical supplies and stuff to repair armor with." I said with a sigh.

" Yeah follow me I take you to where I am staying and you meet the rest of the resistance team." Ken smiles towards me and leads me to the room. Where I see at least another twenty people.

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