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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

"Johnny and the Golden Fiddle" by Llola Lane

"Johnny and the Golden Fiddle" by Llola Lane
(based on the song "Devil Went Down to Georgia" by Charlie Daniels)

"I BET this fiddle of gold that I'm better than ANY of you," Johnny yelled out!

The Devil stepped through the doorway and yelled back... "I'll take that bet and you're gonna regret cause... I'M... the best that's ever been!"

The whole room stopped and stared at the devil and Johnny. They waited to see what would happen, they knew an evil battle was brewing but no one knew what the outcome would be.


Johnny looked up to see who would DARE challenge him. He saw the devil in the doorway. That devil had some nerve wanting to play him a second time. He gave the devil an evil stare. His eyes glowed red. The golden fiddle clinched in his hand.

He yelled to the devil, "You have no instrument... How DARE you challenge me? You have nothing that I want. Be gone with you."

Johnny lifted the golden fiddle to continue playing. The bow still hissed across the strings. It sounded sooo good. Johnny liked the way the golden fiddle felt in his hands. It was his and he wasn't going to give it up so easily.


The devil looked at Johnny. He could see the golden fiddle had just about taken him over. He wasn't too late. He lifted the golden mandolin into the air. The strings glistened in the light of the risin' sun. He would NOT loose It to Johnny. The bet was a chance he HAD to take... he wanted his fiddle, and he would do anything to get it back.

"I have this golden mandolin!" He yelled to Johnny. "Your dare has been accepted, and you have a NEW prize to claim. Or... are you afraid you will loose?"

The devil looked around the room. His demons rejoined him at his side, heads hanging low, sure that their master's wrath would be the end of them. All eyes were on Johnny now... waiting for his response.


Johnny grumbled, now sorry he had spoke those words. He nodded to the devil and shouted. "I beat you once. I'll beat you again, Devil!"

The devil made his way to Johnny, the crowd of demons followed close behind. He reached Johnny and looked into his deep red eyes. Did he dare press his luck asking for one thing further??? He spoke to Johnny, "This mandolin is MORE precious than that golden fiddle. I will need more from you if this is to be an even bet. I want your soul too!"

Would Johnny fall for this Devil's trick a second time? The crowd waited in silence for Johnny to answer. The battle would be fierce, and only one would be standing when it was over. The risin' sun was red hot as the battle started...

"As I told you before... I beat you once... and I'll beat you again," Johnny spoke up. "I'll take that bet!" He played a few evil notes on the fiddle and his eyes glowed even redder. "I'll start this show." Fire flew from his fingertips as he rosined up his bow. He played a fierce evil tune. The fire grew bigger the more he played.


The devil smiled inside as Johnny played. The golden fiddle's hold was almost done. Soon Johnny would be his. He was a weak mortal, no match for THE DEVIL! That first duel, Johnny caught him by surprise. He knew his opponent's weaknesses... NOW he would win!

Johnny finished his tune.

"That was pretty good Johnny, but NOT good enough! Sit right there and let ME show you how it's done!" The Devil picked up the mandolin and ran his bow across. The mandolin glowed firey red and sparks flew from the strings as he played. He kept playing...


Johnny could no longer just sit and listen to the devil play his evil tune. The devil would not win his soul. He stood up and started playing the golden fiddle. He could feel the change within him grow, but he kept on playing. His hands glowed redder with each note he played. The redness grew up his arm and soon it consumed his whole body. Horns grew from his forehead. He played even harder.

The battle between Johnny and the Devil was fierce. The music they created together was wonderfully evil. The band of demons grew bigger, and now Johnny had a band of demons on his side. The golden fiddle had taken over Johnny, and it was too late for the Devil to claim the golden fiddle back. But he didn't care... he had his soul, and that's ALL he really wanted in the first place.

The Devil and Johnny played their tunes. Smiling at each other they both let out an evil laugh!!!!!! Muahha haa haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

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