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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Three Kittyteers (PART 1) by Llola Lane

The Three Kittyteers (PART 1) by Llola Lane

Once upon a time there were 3 Kittyteer brothers... Don Pedro... Don Carlos... and Don Juan. Don Pedro was the oldest and wisest of the three. He made all the decisions for the group. Don Carlos was the feisty one... He often argued with his big brother about the decisions being made, but in the end... always gave in. Don Juan was loved by all the lady kitties. He broke many a ladies hearts but he was a kind gentle kitty. He just didn't want to settle down just yet!

The three brothers always stuck together, and they prowled the neighborhood every night keeping it safe from bandits, villains and of course any stray mice that would happen upon them. One night on their rounds Don Pedro heard a crying noise down a long alley. He motioned his brothers to help find the noise. The crying echoed in the streets which made it hard for them to find it, but it soon the crying got louder as they came upon a small kitten under a trash can. Don Juan reached the kitten first and tried to comfort it... but it was Don Pedro who finally got it to stop crying and tell them what was wrong.

"I can't find my mother" said the little kitten. "Or my family. I am all alone in this scary place."

"We will help you find your family" said Don Carlos. "We have LOTS of connections" he winked. And with that he dried the kittens' tears with his bandana, and scooped it up in his paws, and off the four of them went to look for the little kittens’ family.

First they tried their cousin Paco's house which was right down the alley. "No I've not seen any new kitties around lately," he exclaimed. He asked his wife and his 6 children if they had seen anything. Little Miguel mewed that he had seen a pretty black and white kitty with 4 girl kittens earlier that day heading towards the fish market. "That was my mother!" exclaimed the little kitten. "I have four sisters." "I have a friend that works at the fish market," said Don Carlos "Let's check there next."

Around the corner they went to the fish market. Don Carlos' friend was a big tom cat. No one dared mess with him. He said yes he had seen the family but that was hours ago and they were heading towards the tavern. "My friend Maria works at the tavern," said Don Juan looking down at the little kitten. "She will help us find your family." The tom cat gave them each a piece of fish, and some water and they were on their way in no time.

The tavern was a very busy and loud place. Don Juan spotted Maria singing on the stage. She saw him and gave a purr as she sang the last notes of her song. "I'll go ask her if she's seen your family," he said to the little kitten as he headed back stage. Maria slithered up to him and rubbed her nose in his face giving him a big wet kiss. "Long time no see Don Juan," she purred. "To what do I owe this visit?" Don Juan gulped..."My brothers and I are looking for a Black and White cat with 4 kittens. They were last spotted here. Have you seen them?" She looked at him and told him she had seen them about an hour ago looking through the trash. They may still be there... she had to sing and didn't see where they went. He gave her a quick thank you and a kiss and went off to tell the others what she had said.

The four went around back of the tavern and found the trash cans standing alone in the darkly lit alley. There were scraps of food scattered about but no family in sight. The little kitten sighed..."We will NEVER find my family!" "We won't tonight," said Don Pedro... "It is getting late and starting to snow. We need to find you a place for the night." Don Carlos wanted to bring the kitten home, but since they did not have room for the kitten in their house, Don Pedro decided the best place for the kitten was at the Kitten Orphanage.

A VERY sleepy head mistress answered the door. They could tell she was NOT very happy at being dragged from her bed. Don Pedro quickly explained how they had found the kitten, and how they did not have room for it at their house, and with some coaxing the head mistress finally gave in, and agreed to let the kitten spend the night. She made them PROMISE to pick the kitten up first thing in the morning. "We don't have enough food to feed the mouths we have already," said the head mistress as she shoved the kitten through the doorway. "We will see you first thing in the morning," Don Juan promised and away he went, leading the way home.

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