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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Quilt of Many Colors by Llola Lane

"How many more fabrics do we need mama?" "About 3 more Sarah," said mother to daughter. "We need another yellow solid, another blue solid, and then something with a lot of color and pattern to be the main focal fabric of the quilt." "O.K mama... I'll keep looking."

Sarah walked down one aisle of the fabric store and touched each piece of fabric for its thickness. The quilt needed to be warm. It was going to someone veeeeeeery special. This was the first quilt her mother had let her help pick the fabric for, and she wanted it to be just right.

There was so much to choose from... Reds.. Blues.. Yellows.. A kaleidoscope of color that is what her grandmother called the fabric shoppe. Sarah was beginning to understand why. So much to choose from. But that main focal fabric was top on her list.

"May I help you find anything?" asks a nice young lady about in her 20s. "I'm looking for a SPECIAL fabric for a quilt" said Sarah "It needs to be bright and cheery with lots of pattern." "We may have JUST the fabric. I just put out some new Designer fabrics" said the young lady "over here. Follow me." The lady smiled and Sarah followed. Down the aisle they went till they reached a row of colorful bright fabrics. "These fabrics are from artists all around the world. This one is my favorite artist fabric... from a painter named Trill Zapetaro. We have 6 from her." The young lady held each fabric out from the bolt so Sarah could get a good look at each one. "I like this one the best," Sarah said. "Let me as my mother."

She went all around the store looking for her mother and finally found her in the batting section. "Sarah help me with this bolt please... I think we will use Warm-n-Natural for the batting... it's all cotton and should be nice and warm. Have you found a focal fabric yet?" Sarah helped her lift the bolt into the cart. "Yes mama... follow me." Leading the way Sarah found the aisle that the store clerk had showed her with the Designer fabric. "These are fabrics from artist all around the world mama. I like the ones by Trill Zapetaro the best. The one with the crows is my favorite and I think will be perfect."

Sarah showed her mother the 6 different fabrics from the artist, Trill and they both agreed the crow one was the best. "We can cut out blocks from the different scenes," said Sarah. "The star parts remind me of her favorite song... Starry Starry Night... and the daffodil is her favorite flower... and this part reminds me of the lightning storms she like to photograph. And the crow is her favorite bird and they look so happy and carefree." "Yes, and the trees resemble new growth and they look big and strong. I think we've made our choice" said her mother and off they went to have the yardage cut.

It took them only a few days to cut the fabric blocks and it wasn't long before mother was showing Sarah how to sew them together. The solid color fabrics they picked highlighted each block perfectly. "How big will the quilt be when we are done mama?" asked Sarah. "Big enough for her lap. Just the right size to keep her warm" said mother as she showed her how to join the blocks on the sewing machine. "She is just going to love this... I hope it helps make her happy" said Sarah.

A few more days later and the quilt was pieced, batted, and backed. They decided to tie the quilt instead of adding quilting stitches. It was quicker and the quilt wasn't going to a child so they weren't worried about the ties coming undone. When it was finished they laid it out on the bed and looked at it with approval. "We did a great job Sarah. She is going to love it! Now... Last wrap it up and make it a REAL surprise." Sarah agreed and the two made a nice card out of some spare fabric scraps and taped it to the wrapped box.

The next day was the BIG day. They had been so busy working on the quilt that the day crept up on them so fast. As they walked up to the door and knocked... Sarah looked at her mother with anxious eyes. She was happy and sad at the same time. Sarah's mother gave her a hug. "She will be fine Sarah... you'll see." The door opened... "GRANDMA!!!" Sarah exclaimed. She ran to her grandmother and gave her a big hug. "We came a little early... We have a present for you." Sarah's mother came through the door and gave her mother a hug and kiss on the cheek. "Hope our present makes you feel a little better mother" said Sarah's mom. "I'll be just fine" said grandmother "You just wait and see."

The three went into the living room and sat on the couch...Sarah on one side of grandmother and mother on the other. "We've made you something Grandma," said Sarah and with that handed her the wrapped box. Sarah's heart was beating so fast she was so excited. Her huge smile made her grandmother smile too. Grandma touched the pretty bow and said how nicely it was wrapped. She carefully opened the card and read "TO GRANDMA ... I LOVE YOU... Love, Sarah” She put the card back in the envelope and undid the bow and wrapping on the box. Lifted off the lid and drew back the tissue paper. A hugs smile came on her face when she saw the quilt. "Oh my... What a lovely quilt," she exclaimed as she took it out of the box. "Mama and I worked on it together," said Sarah. "This will surely keep me warm when I go for my chemo treatments. And it has all my favorite things on it... Starry Starry Night (my favorite song)... The lightning bolt looks just like the ones I photograph... Oh... and you remembered I love daffodils! Just lovely." Tears came to her eyes. "Thank you BOTH!" With that she gave them both a big hug and put the quilt in her bag to take to the hospital.

As Sarah, Grandmother and mother drove in the car to the hospital... Sarah thought to herself how happy she had made her grandmother. "She will know she is loved every time she looks at that quilt. And no matter how sick she gets, she will know that someday, she will be happy and carefree again... just like those crows on the quilt!"

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